TeamViewer online technical support | Remote IT support

If you are in need of a Computer Technician but do not have a part time or full time need for such a staff 
member then you may need a Online Computer Technician. Using TeamViewer Remote Support software,
Bane Technologies can remotely administer your computers and networks and software (& more) no matter
where you are in the world. As long as you have Internet access available, even via a Mobile Phone Hostspot
or public WiFi, with your authorisation (by providing login credentials that work 1 time only).

Whether it be a failed hard drive, network issues, Internet issues or a virus (including Spora)
we can be of assistance remotely in most cases saving you time and money.

TeamViewer is a program that allows Bane Technologies to remotely access (with your express permission),
and control your computer temporarily to resolve any issues you have quickly and efficiently with less
headaches for you. And all while you watch.You can also terminate the remote session at any time.

As soon as the work required is completed, we close TeamViewer on your end so that nobody can connect in,
not even us. Each time you run TeamViewer, the ID will remain the same, but the password changes each time
and you would need to provide this password to your nominated online computer technician each time you require assistance.

And while we are at work on your computer you can watch us working away. It is also a great way to learn some
of the hidden secrets of how your computer works and where the settings need to go, which our clients find to be very
valuable as a learning tool which can often save you money as you may not require support for the same issue again.

We recommend that you always download the latest TeamViewer directly from the software company themselves to
ensure you always have a legitimate file and the most secure and up to date version.

For your convenience, Please find direct links to TeamViewer's web site to download the various Quick Support software
version for your computer, mobile phone or tablet etc. Alternatively, Google or visit for the
very latest version.