Wednesday 26 October 2016

Bane Technologies - SEO - IT & BMW Services

It's easy to get started to have your website showing on the first page of Google and other search engines. Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services can be implemented on your existing website, or we can create you a brand new search engine optimised, content management system based website. Knowing some of the basics will help.
What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is most commonly referred to in the industry is a method by which your website is tweaked or changed drastically in some cases to better the websites chances of showing on a search engine. Many factors need to be taken into consideration. Some websites work well with Search Engine Robots that are crawling the Internet 24/7 looking for new sites and by scanning the website and its content, they then determine what search results you website should show up for, and also how high up the list you show based on the quality of your SEO and website content.

I cannot stress enough how important content is. Websites that have copied text from other websites are most often identified at some point and you then get penalised and your website may not show up at all. So when it comes to content, original content matters. Do not be tempted to take copy other's words. Do not be afraid to write articles on a regular basis if possible with news and views on topics related to your business. Regular content updates will see the Search Engine Robots crawl your site more often if you do so.

Then there is the most important aspect of all. Meta information and what search terms you wish to show up for. Knowing what people are typing into Google when trying to look for a company such as your own is the most precious information for getting the results you need. No point showing up for a roof painting job when someone from Sydney is looking for a roof to be painted and you are Brisbane based.
What is a Content Management System?

A content management system or CMS for short, is software that allows you to create and manage webpages easily by separating the creation of your content from the coding required to present it on the web normally. You can simply load up your website in Administration mode in a web browser. If you have ever used a Internet Forum or even Microsoft Word etc then you can easily learn to create, modify and remove your website content on your own without having to pay a web developer each time you need to make changes.

This can even be done on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Anything with a web browser will suffice. It give you the ultimate power over your company's web presence. Something as simple as putting up your Christmas trading hours can be done in a minute from anywhere in the world by just having access to a web browser. Even Internet Cafes and public computers can be used safely.